Universal Gaming Connectivity

A revolutionary vision that connects games via their virtual
in-game currencies using blockchain technology.

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A New Frontier For Game Developers

Unique LiveOps that increase player engagement and retention, allowing your development team to focus on creating a great game. Gamers are 70% more likely to continue playing at end game with the integrated Tap Plugin. Gain exposure and reach new audiences while attaining additional sources of unrealized revenue.

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Never Seen Before Control of In-Game Currencies

Provides players the ability to use in-game virtual currencies across multi-platforms and games while earning Tap Coins. Gamers can now get rewarded for playing their favorite games. Build and transfer time and skill universally.

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Dynamic Connectivity With Gaming API

Instant incorporation of Gaming API. Earn rewards for playing the latest gaming titles like, Fortnite, PUBG, CSGO and the Top Steam Games. The Tap Platform allows a universal connectivity to in-game achievements and challenges providing real time reward for in-game success.

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Revitalized Motion For Esports Organizations

The new way for Esports Organizations to organize and execute Esports Tournaments. The Tap Platform allows instant gaming score registration that gets rid of manual tournament input systems allowing gamers to strictly focus on winning!

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Whats New

The latest news, updates and blog information on the Tap Project.

Tap Project

Intro to Exp System

The introduction of the XP system is the first stage to the Proof of Mastery protocol...

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Tap Prize

Podcast Recap: Exp

The Tap Project, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain gaming and how it serves a utility by...

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Proof Of Mastery

Tap N Go Rewards

Earn rewards for playing your favorite mobile games...

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