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Manage All Your Game Currency

The only integrated token on all gaming platforms. With Tapcoins, all those hours of gaming start to pay off.

Real-time dashboard

Multi-game management

Access the Ethereum ecosystem

Tap Coins Let You Take Your Currency Into Any Game


There is over 2 Billion gamers in the world. It is estimated that gamers spend 15.4 Billion on content alone. 62% of those are PC, 56% Dedicated console, 35% Smartphone, 31% Wireless Devices and 21% are Handheld Systems. Imagine being able to traverse those platforms with a single currency.

Benefit to Gamers

  • No matter the platform, your Tap coin will follow you into any game and on any device.
  • Your hard work is no longer lost or locked up in a particular game.
  • Make money while you play, your currency can be traded on the exchanges.
  • Console, PC, Handheld and Mobile gaming revenue continue to increase year after year.
  • Breaks down the antiquated barrier of development and gaming and brings light to a new age of exchange.

Benefit to Developers

  • Indie developers don’t have to worry about the type of platform they are working on and it they will reach their audience.
  • AAA games across multiple platforms, but just one Tap coin currency.
  • Integrating Tap coin onto development platforms provides that immediate growth.
  • Allows developers to create smart-contracts.
  • Opportunities are endless, as developers are given the ability to be creative all the while having the security of the block-chain.

Benefit of Crowdfunding

  • The opportunity to gain 10 000 Tap Coins per 1 ETH.
  • You will be able to trade Tap Coin (TTT) on cryptocurrency exchanges and peer-to-peer just like any other exchange.
  • Make money while you play, your currency can be traded on the exchanges.
  • Tap token will follow you into any game and on any device.
  • Playing Games
  • Watching TV
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Listening to Music
  • Using Social media

Engagement in Gaming Vs Competing Markets

Gamer’s are currently far more engaged than any other media platform. With 41% of Gamers remaining engaged while playing video games there is no industry that keeps the user immersed. The video game industry is one of the few industries that allows the user to feel like they are “there” in the world that the game creates.

  • Haniff Knight
    Haniff Knight Co-Founder

    Started his career in pixel game development, and later turned his talents into becoming an entrepreneur. Since its inception he has been a supporter of cryptocurrency and the block-chain to solve problems in the gaming industry. He is a big believer in providing gamers more options and experiences using the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Hugh Knight
    Hugh Knight Co-Founder

    Bringing 15+ years of computational experience as systems architect. He has managed and developed multiple application portfolios. He has garnered great business relationships in which he has played an advisory role using blockchain technology. Having closely followed the Ethereum protocol and combining it with gaming provides the perfect experience.

  • Noel Dulay
    Noel Dulay VP of Business Development

    Extensive knowledge providing business developement through marketing and social channels. Noels expertise consists of marketing though all major networks & face to face based networking. Experience in sales has allowed him to host multi-million dollar contracts & negotiations.  Noel has a vast background in B2B, and business to consumer sales.

  • Rory Piant
    Rory Piant Community Manager

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The Tapcoin is the only coin for the gaming industry. It allows gamers to carry their hard earned rewards with them in any supported games, while providing game developers with a consistent reward system for all their games.

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