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Tap Coin

Humanity spends over 3 Billion hours a week playing video games. Video games are one of the top grossing entertainment industries in the world, spanning over $100 Billion dollars in revenue. Tap Coin is a utility token that allows gamers the option to utilize their time and convert in-game earned and premium currencies to Tap Coins that can traverse multiple platforms and games. Simply, paying gamers to play. Using a “proof of stake” model users need Tap Coins to gain access to the Platform and its games.


Play your favorite titles that are listed on the Tap Platform .


Earn in-game and premium currency.

Sign in

Sign into the Tap Platform for real time dashboard and management.


Convert in-game premium and earned currencies for Tap Coins .


Great features you'll love.

Benefits and Features for Gamers, Publishers/Developers alike!

Gamers: Revenue for Gaming

The Tap Platform allows gamers to truly earn money whilst playing video games. Countless hours are finally recognized and gamers are paid to play.

Gamers: Interactive Dashboard

The Tap Platform allows users to see their Tap Coins and game stats in a dashboard style.Manage your favorite games and content all from one dashboard. One step login provides immediate access to the marketplace showing the latest and hottest games.

Gamers: Smart Contract

Built off the ethereum blockchain, transactions are monitored by smart contracts that remove the middleman and provide immutable exchanges.

Publishers: Revenue and Profits

The Tap Platform offers a 70/30* split in transaction fee revenue with 70% going to the developer per their published titles. Just by listing your game you immediately increase your revenue stream. As more users convert in-game currencies to Tap Coin, you get paid more!

Publishers: Small Integration Footprint

Game engine plugins and Tap Project repository percentage monitoring allow developers to focus strictly on creating and developing amazing games. The Tap Platform monitors and keeps track of all transactions.

Publishers: Increased Live Ops

Immediate increase in retention , DAU, ARPDAU, and more as users are provided an additional incentive for playing your game and playing it longer and more frequently.


We are a sincere team with straightforward visions. We believe that there is an amazing amount to be learnt by being innovative and forward thinking with blockchain technology.

Haniff Knight

Hugh Knight

Noel Dulay

Rory Piant

Nico Hemdrup

Ibrahim El Chami

Matthew Webb

Project Roadmap

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Hear What The Community Says

  • The team is what makes or breaks a project, The Tap Project has the best team and that is why the community supports them.

  • A solid platform, 100+ billion dollar industry, a working alpha! Clif High said "the gaming space will be bigger than all the typical crypto market companies combined"

  • As far as I know they are unique in what they are trying to accomplish

  • The team is always available to answer questions and explain ideas when needed

  • The Proof of Stake Drip Bonus is something I can really wrap my head around


Questions and Answers.

How do I see my token balance?

Address: 0x9f599410d207f3d2828a8712e5e543ac2e040382, Name: Tapcoin, Symbol: TTT, Decimal: 18

What is the Tap Project?

The Tap Projects primary initiative consists of developing a digital currency, along with partnering with a network of developers to allow a smooth, elegant and robust system that will allow the Tap Coin the ability to traverse multiple games and platforms. Allowing Tap Coins to be transferred between games.

What is a Tapcoin?

The Tap Coin is a new ERC20 utility token that is supported by projects and other services that are written on the blockchain.

How will this benefit me as a gamer?

The Tap Coin simply allows you to earn when you play. No longer will countless hours be wasted or go unrewarded, the Tap Coin allows you to convert your in-game premium and earned currencies for Tap Coins. These then can be imported into other games or platforms or exchanged for other currencies.

How will this benefit me as a Developer/Publisher?

Joining the Tap platform provides developers/publishers an immediate 70/30* split in the user transaction fee. With 70% going to the developer, the Tap Platform immediately pays developers/publishers per their titles listed on the Platform. Increased live ops , marketing and exposure provides added incentive for each publisher. The Tap team has made a simple and easy integration process which requires little to footprint by your development team so you can focus on making games.

How do I get access to the Platform?

The Tap Coin is a utility token that operates under a “proof of stake model”. Users require Tap Coins to gain access to the platform and its games.

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