• TAP Pre 1.0

    Design and develop Tap coin distribution platform

  • TAP Integration

    Tap coin integration with indie and AAA developers and games.

  • TAP Beyond 1.0

    Transfer and verification process entirely on Tap platform, distributed through Ethereum.

  • TAP - PC, Mobile, Console Platforms

    Partners and developers building in-game economy on the Tap platform.

  • TAP Expansion & Growth

    Fully Operating Tap Network


A total of 1.5B TTT coins will be created.

Crowdfunding Participants Sale: 750,000,000 TTT (50%): Minted coins offered for sale to public participants.

TAP Project Team: 15,000,000 TTT (10%): These coins will be distributed to the team. Coins will be subject to a period of illiquidity. These coins will also be used to incentivize future employee expansion and future development over 5 years.

Tap Legacy: 12,000,000 TTT (8%): Tap coins allocated will compensate an investor stakeholders, and founders who contributed to the progress of the TAP project over the past years. These coins will be made immediately available and will be allocated proportional to each person’s contribution.

TAP Participant Rewards: 3,000,000 (2%): These coins will be used to compensate crowdfunding participants for bringing in significant value after the crowdfunding sale.

Tap Project Foundation: 450,000,000 TTT (30%): These coins will be used to create developer partnerships for gaming within the TAP project. The foundation will also be used to reward innovative indie game developers to help foster the implementation of TAP coins into their games. These TTT coins will be managed by the TAP Foundation group.

Note: The coin creation is capped at 75,000 ETH. The amount of coins mentioned above assumes a sold out coin sale sold at 10,000 TTT per 1 ETH. In the other case the total amount of coins created will be less and the above breakdown will be allocated pro rata.

  • Crowdfunding Participants
  • Tap Project Team
  • Tap Project Legacy Investors
  • Tap Coin Participants
  • Tap Project foundation

The Tapcoin is the only coin for the gaming industry. It allows gamers to carry their hard earned rewards with them in any supported games, while providing game developers with a consistent reward system for all their games.

The Tap Project



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